You know your goals. We know the city.

Active career development for two? We will be happy to accompany you in your next steps. As an established network, we are close to the changes in Berlin and the shifting world of work.


Free service

All our services are free for you. We provide services that support companies and scientific institutions. 

A strong network

Our network is a path to success in Berlin. Build contacts with the worlds of science, business, and politics with our support!

Comprehensive advice

We provide custom, holistic advice for your personal professional and life situation in either German or English. 

Consulting & coaching

We provide comprehensive advice and coaching for your current life situaion, including professional reorientation, professional and social integration, cultural challenges, and the compatibility of partnership, family, and careers. We offer consultancy in either German or English. 

Concerns that come up frequently include the job search, employment, and qualification opportunities in Berlin, support during the application or appointment process (application strategies, application documents, interview), as well as advice on living and making a home in Berlin. 

Duration: as needed
Coaches: Dr Diana Woelki, Rouven Sperling
Consultancy: Telephone, online, or in person
Languages: German, English

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Networking with peers

You're not the only one to move to Berlin for your partner's career. An increasing number of two-career couples are coordinating their career moves. If you want to interact with others with similar experiences, our networking events and workshops give you the time and opportunity. 

We will always announce the time and place of the next event here. For each event, we invite experts on specific topics (e.g. application, start-ups, networking, self-presentation, culture) that are of interest to you and the other participants. 

Dates: 3rd December 2019 from 4 -8 pm
Place: diconium digital Solutions GmbH, Mollstr. 1, 10178 Berlin
Cost: none

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Berlin: your new home

Moving to Berlin involves many questions. Where would I like to live in Berlin? Which school or kindergarten is the right one for my children? Where can I find a job? If I'm not from the EU, can I even live and work in Berlin? Do I need a visa? And if so, where can I get one? You will find the answers in our Talent Portal. Find out more now.

Jobs in Berlin

On our jobs portal, you will find job offers in Berlin for all sectors. The meta job portal combines u. a. the job offers of the 10 most important job exchanges for the Berlin-Brandenburg area. 

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Whether you need a visa depends on your current home country. We will inform you about the visa requirements, application procedure, as well as how long approval will take.

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Residence permit

Getting a residence permit in Berlin depends on your country of origin and the duration of your stay. We let you know when and where you need to register for a residence permit. 

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Berlin's districts

In Berlin there are twelve districts, each made up of several neighbourhoods. Each has its own charm. Whether urban, surrounded by green space, or in the middle of it all: we're here to give you an overview.

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The Berlin housing market is as diverse as the city itself. Whether you're looking to buy or lease, build or just rent temporarily, with us you will find your new home.

Finding a home


Berlin is a great city for families. Providing a safe place to raise a family is very important here. We inform you about child care, schools, family leisure, and life in old age.

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We provide support and a network that will be there for you as you get started in Berlin. You can find out what requirements you need to meet in order to participate here.  

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